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I'm back (and talking about beauty!)

By Wednesday, September 09, 2015

www.getlovelyloot.com | @lovelylootapp on Instagram
Happy September! After taking an (unintended) summer vacation from blogging, I'm so excited to share with you the news about the fabulous project that has been consuming my time – C. and I, along with three of our good friends, have created a company and are developing an app together called Lovelyloot...the place to capture all your beauty inspiration.

The story behind it all
I've always loved makeup and beauty products. That fascination started young, borrowing my mom's makeup out of her drawer in the bathroom whenever we had a babysitter and trying to copy the looks out of Seventeen magazine. High school in the 90's meant dyed dark hair and smudged eyeliner to go with the plaid flannel and Doc Marten boots. College (thankfully!) got a little more glam and I remember dragging my friends to Sephora, a brand new concept then, on the way home from a spring break road trip and marveling at the thousands of gleaming products just begging you to try them all on. 

You see, makeup and beauty products hold a certain power. They allow you to be whoever you want, to put forth a certain image, give you confidence, express yourself. We're multi-dimensional people, with many different sides to our personalities and lives. Just like you might wear a suit and heels to a job interview and a fun dress to a party, your overall look changes with the occasion – and over time.

I certainly don't wear the same makeup that I wore back in high school (though I am excited about the dark lips trending for fall!) and I've learned how to take care of my skin and what works for me. But I still want to keep exploring...

There are thousands of new products released every year, all with the potential to help you look your best. And that's what makeup and beauty products are designed to do. Not to cover up who you are, but to bring out the best version of yourself. 

What's Lovelyloot then?
Knowing that there are millions of women out there like me (and like you, possibly!) who love makeup and beauty products and who get our inspiration from everywhere, we're creating a way to help you capture that knowledge so you can remember it. 

The great thing is that there's now such a wealth of beauty content – whether you like to read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, subscribe to magazines, follow influencers and brands on social media – there's something that appeals to everyone. Those are the sources that we turn to when we're looking for product reviews and recommendations or tips on how to achieve a certain look.  

The problem is being to find and remember again what caught your eye in the first place. 

How many times have you read a blog or article online only to not be able to find it again when you're in the store? Stood there scrolling through your photos or Instagram trying to find an image you'd liked? Ripped a page out of a magazine and carried it around in your purse? Brought an empty bottle with you to the store to make sure you got exactly the right thing? Tried a product that didn't work and wanted to remember why so you didn't make the same mistake again?

That's exactly why we're creating Lovelyloot. It's a simple way for you to save everything that inspires you about beauty – including products, articles, videos, and images – all in one place with the mobile app. You can then customize the content you've curated, adding your own personal notes and experience, making it easy to find and remember anything.

Lovelyloot...beauty powered by you!
When can I get my hands on it?!
This is truly a labor of love and sweat equity, as we're financing it and doing all the work ourselves. It's amazing to have built a team that has all the skills we need (from design to development to communications/marketing) and to know that we all trust and believe in one another, but it's also a lot of work. We all have full-time jobs, so this is our passion project that we spend our mornings, evenings, and weekends on. 

Over the past few months, we've established Lovelyloot as an LLC and set up everything we need to operate as a business. I've been developing our business and marketing plans, and we've launched our website and social media accounts. We're developing our MVP (minimum viable product) now, and plan to have a version for friends and family to test later this year and to launch publicly in the Apple store in early 2016.

We will need beta testers soon, so if you're interested please sign up on our website! I hope you'll follow us along on this adventure (we're on Instagram: @lovelylootapp), especially if you're a fellow beauty junkie or entrepreneur!


  1. A great concept. I've been excited to watch the progress (and join in some of the early brainstorming)! Can't wait for the app release!

    1. Thanks Dominique! Your insights along the way have been so helpful!