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Three quick and easy fashion hacks

By Saturday, January 24, 2015

Perhaps, like me, you have a few items lingering in your closet that just aren't quite right...so you avoid wearing them, but can't bear to let them go. You need a fashion hack! I tested out a few recently, and these three were quick, easy – and worked. 

#1. Use a cheese grater to rough up the soles of slippery shoes. 
I bought these fun glitter platform heels from ASOS years ago, and have never worn them because they were dangerously smooth. Just a few minutes with the small pointy side of a cheese grater, and they finally have some traction.

#2. Use aspirin to remove sweat stains and whiten shirts. 
One of my favorite t-shirts and a lightweight cardigan had been starting to look a little dingy. I crushed up three aspirin tablets, mixed the powder with just enough water to make a paste, rubbed it into the yellowish areas, and let it sit for a few hours. Then, I washed them normally (but separately) with two more aspirin tablets crushed up and added to the detergent. This wasn't a 100% perfect fix, but it definitely lessened the stains and whitened the shirts overall.

#3. Use a hairdryer and thick socks to stretch too tight shoes. 
These studded flats are super cute and comfortable, but just slightly too tight in the toes. I found a thick pair of socks, dampened them, shoved my feet into the shoes, and then used my hairdryer. You do need to keep moving the dryer around, as it can get really hot, focusing on the areas of the shoe that are too tight. Then wear the shoes around the house, letting them cool and mold to your feet. Repeat as necessary. This worked really well, both with these leather shoes and with the synthetic glitter heels above.

Let me know if you try any of these, or if you have any tricks of your own to recommend!

*Inspired by ideas from Who What Wear, Lifehacker, and Jillian at Coffee, Light & Sweet.