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Movies at the Symphony

By Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve! Recently C. and I went to the coolest show – the movie Home Alone, screened at the San Francisco Symphony. I had never been to the symphony before, so this was an ingenious way of hooking me with a holiday classic and then adding a live orchestra and children's choir.

Home Alone at the San Francisco Symphony

An added bonus was that the director of Home Alone, Chris Columbus, opened the show. He told us that when they were working on the movie (way back in 1990) he had the cast imagine themselves 25 years from then, seeing Home Alone come on late-night television, and how it would need to feel as timeless in the future as it did then. Mission accomplished...and also good advice for nearly anything you tackle in life.

C. + I at the symphony
Coat: Lipsy London; Turtleneck: Old Navy; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes: Joan and David

SF City Hall

This was an incredible experience, and apparently it's quite popular for symphonies to do all over the country. The SF Symphony does a film series every year, including Hitchcock in 2013-14 and The Godfather coming soon in January 2015 (sadly, so popular it's sold out already).

The Godfather, coming soon to the San Francisco Symphony

If I could make a request, I'd put in for Love Actually to be the holiday film next year. Other excellent movie choices would be anything by Baz Luhrmann or my personal favorite, A League of Their Own. (I just discovered that Carole King, who did the song "Now and Forever" for that soundtrack also performed the theme song from Gilmore Girls. An amazing linkage!)

Which movies would you want to see at the symphony?


  1. I bet Jurassic Park would be fun to see. Great music to hear the symphony tackle. Far and Away has good music too, IMO.

    1. Totally agree about Jurassic Park! I had to google Far and Away -- never heard of it, but looks good.

  2. Also, apparently I have posted enough comments to your blog that it no longer check to make sure I am not a robot :)